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PTD-2G is a portable power analyzer for measurement and registration of alternating low voltage electricity energy network parameters. The device could be connected directly to voltage lines and to current lines through current clamps or directly. The device could be used in assistance to electricity thief detection. PTD-2G has communication interface for remote data transmission. PTD-2G device has 1 MB of non-volatile memory, which allows to store metering data without influence of power outages.

  • On site testing of electricity network parameters
  • Assistance to electricity thief detection
  • Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement in up to 8 tariffs
  • Active, reactive, apparent power measurement
  • Voltage and current measurement
  • Power factor measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Maximum demand measurement in up to 8 tariffs
  • Power quality monitoring (voltage, frequency variation, power outages)
  • Measurement of instantaneous values
  • Load profile recording
Rated voltage, V: 50 ... 276
Measuring period, s 1
 Power consumption, VA 2/phase
Frequency range, Hz 45 ... 65
Operating temperature -10º C ... +50º C
Storage and transportation temperature -35º C ... +50º C
Relative humidity up to 80 % (t=25º C)
Current clamps
- Current range 0,1 A...200 A (clamps MG8)
Phase voltage, V
Line-to-line voltage, V

- Current range 0,001 A...0,3 A (direct connection)
Phase voltage, V
Line-to-line voltage, V

External backup power supply
Input/output voltage, V »230/(=12..14)
Current, mA 500
Case and dimensions
Case UV stabilized polycarbonate
Insulation Protective class II
Protective level IP52
Measuring unit dimensions, mm 157 x 189 x 67
Measuring unit weight, kg 2