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GAMA300 balance G3G

GAMA300 balance G3G

  • High quality level
  • Reliability
  • Wide functionality range
  • Data security assurance
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Transformer connection electricity meter G3G is recommended for operations in transformer substations, because meter measures not only active [kWh], reactive [kvarh] and apparent [kVAh] energies in both consumption and generation directions, but also stores the measurement data profiles (accounting, load and voltage profiles, event logs) and registers the qualitative electrical energy indicators. Voltage fluctuations, voltage harmonic distortion coefficient (THD), three-phase network disbalance and voltage flicker are registered in accordance with EN 61000-4-30 for Class B equipment. In addition, the meter estimates electricity losses both on the transmission line (I2t measurements) and in the power transformer (U2t measurements). Electricity meter interfaces (Ethernet, RS485, optical) support DLMS / COSEM communication protocol, therefore the G3G meter is compatible with equipment of other manufacturers and can work in the automated meter reading systems operating on TCP / IPv4 and HDLC communication networks. The meter is capable of communicating in encryption and authentication mode (AES-128, GCM), which ensures secure data exchange in a common system.

  • Active (bi-directional), reactive (4-quadrant) and apparent (bi-directional) energy measurements
  • Accuracy class 0.5s (IEC 62053-22) or C (EN 50470-3)
  • Single or Multi-tariff
  • Internal real time clock
  • Load, billing and voltage profiles, instantaneous values
  • Expanded protection against unauthorized actions
  • Event logbook (influence of magnetic field, opening of meter cover, opening of terminal cover, clock setting, parameter change, internal error, firmware update, unauthorized request, voltage deviations)
  • Optical and electrical communication interfaces in accordance with DLMS/COSEM
  • Ethernet interface (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) in accordance with DLMS/COSEM (TCP/IP; IPv4)
  • RS485 interface (9600 ... 115200 bps) in accordance with DLMS/COSEM (HDLC)
  • High-level security (encryption and authentication) (AES-128, GCM)
  • External power supply input (+24 Vdc)
  • Voltage quality monitoring: voltage deviation, harmonic distortion coefficient (THD), three-phase network disbalance, flicker in accordance with EN 61000-4-30 class B
  • Weekly reports on voltage quality indicators
  • Registration of line and transformer losses on the basis of I2h and U2h measurements

Connection type

Three-phase 4-wire via current transformer

Accuracy class:

-for active energy

-for reactive energy



0.5s (IEC 62053-22), C (EN 50470-3)

2.0 (IEC 62053-23)

Reference voltage V:

-4-wire connection

-multi-range connection


3x220/380; 3x230/400;


Reference (max) current, Ib (Imax):

-transformer connection

5(6) A; 5(10) A



Starting current

0,1% Ib

Reference frequency, Hz


Meter constant, imp/kWh, imp/kVArh

10000 (transformer connection)

Power consumption per phase: 

-In voltage circuit

-In current circuit

<2.7 VA (<1 W)

< 0,05 VA

Temperature range:

-40°C to +70°C

Internal real-time clock accuracy

< 0,5 s/24 h (T = 23 °C)

Backup power supply of clock

Li-ion battery and/or Super Cap 

Operation duration using only backup:
-Li-ion battery
-Super Cap

> 12 years
> 7 days

Frequency measurement accuracy and range

±0,05Hz ; [42,5 … 57,5] Hz

Voltage (RMS) measurement accuracy and range

±1%  ; [46…276] V

Voltage harmonic distortion coefficient (THD) measurement accuracy and range

±1% (THD)  ; [0 … 15] % (THD)

Three-phase network disbalance measurement accuracy and range

±0.3% uN  ; [0 … 5]%  uN

uN – negative sequence component

Voltage flicker measurement accuracy and range

±20% Pst  ; [0.4…4] Pst

Case and dimensions


UV stabilized polycarbonate


Protective class II

Protection class

IP53 (Optional IP54)

Dimensions, mm

260 x 175 x 80

Weight, kg