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Exhibition Energetab 2016


Representatives of "ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" participate in the international exhibition Energetab 2016 which takes place in Bielsko-Biała, Poland in 13-15 September. This significant event dedicated to energy sector is not only a platform for product or solution presentation but for business relation development and current market trends exploration as well. We kindly invite everybody interested in our company and cooperation possibilities, its newly developed products and solutions to visit our stand No 33 at the exhibition pavilion U.
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Business Opportunities Gateway Forum


International Business Opportunities Gateway Forum taking place in 20-22 July in Vilnius Grand Resort is an important event for leaders of utilities, electricity and energy markets, decision and policy makers as well as engineers and researchers.
 Elgama-Elektronika Ltd. being a member of energy sector takes active part in round table and panel discussion sessions of the event as well.
 The Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel that organizes the event integrates the representatives from Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Central Asia and Israel for discussions, experience and knowledge dissemination as well as cooperation opportunities.


Smart Communications & Technology Forum


"ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. participates at the 6th Smart Communications & Technology Forum taking place in 16 June, in Warsaw. The annual event is focused on exchange of knowledge and presentation of major achievements on the topics of Smart Grid and Smart Metering. Every year the forum includes a wide spectrum of professionals from the areas of energy and gas markets, utility and administration personnel, solution providers, engineers, associations, and government representatives. A team of "ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. will as well participate in discussion panels, present technological development, R&D solutions, possibilities and company experience.
Read more about the event: Smart Communications & Technology Forum


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