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Elgama-Elektronika Ltd
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Electronics Manufacturing Services

EMS – electronics assembly service

Elgama elektronika – your reliable elektronics assembly service partner!

"ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company with operations location in Lithuania. Company manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers. We also provide related technical services like prototyping, industrialization, material analyzing and test development.

Our advantages:

Our production line is very flexible - we can offer single/prototype unit production and medium and large-scale production at very good price and high quality control. 

  • Production series from a singe unit production – electronic device prototypes to large production series
  • Experience in complicated projects
  • High flexibility – fast reaction and the ability to increase production by up to several dozen percent
  • We offer automated, semi-automated and manual EMS assembly services
  • High quality control - our experienced personnel and modern equipment ensures precision and high quality control on all production stages

Manufacturing department is located in Lithuania, offering fast delivery to any European country.

Our customers: