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Social responsibility

„ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. policy and practice is directed to sustainability and solidarity fundamentals including all the main activity spheres - business administration, environmental management, responsibility to employees and input into community prosperity.


„ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. develops and performs honest business processes in accordance with ethics and respect principles set with all concerned parties in Lithuania and abroad: shareholders, suppliers, customers, partners and state institutions. The company aims at risk management, maintenance of corruption-free relations, encouragement of active dialogue with concerned parties. The company believes that mutual confidence and responsible relations are the basis of future business development and value increase.


„ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. with confidentiality and respect develops and preserves relations with employees. It supports their cooperation and promotes synergetic effect resulted by a teamwork in a discrimination-free environment. The company cares for occupational health and safety with high responsibility, provides with all necessary measures, meal, rest and change areas as well as with loans on the demand of employees. In addition, it values traditions and organizes family trips and sport and festive events during the leisure time. Bonus system presented by UAB „ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" guarantees continuous personal learning and career opportunities as well as involvement into different project activities.


One of the main strategic tasks of „ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. is to decrease the negative impact on environment. Promoting responsible attitude and behavior of each employee the company implements environment friendly technologies, eliminates inexpedient resources, manages all wastes emerged during the production processes and delivers them for recycling. The company furthermore, implements measures for rational energy usage and promotes the preference of bicycles instead of cars that increase pollution. Since 2017 the company consumes electricity, 100 % of which is produced from renewable energy sources demonstrating its attitude towards global warming and reducing emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Each employee is engaged in environmental management, every year our company organizes area cleaning which has been certified by the city municipality administration for several times.


„ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. pursues to participate as a responsible member in all community. For 20 years it performs financial donations to various Lithuanian sport and culture organizations to support their development (Lithuanian national radio and television, Creativity center of children and youth, Europe park, Society of the Lithuanian language, Vilnius handball sport club, Alytus aero-club, publishing office "Lithuanian children book", Open Lithuanian fund, Lithuanian musician union, District community "Fabijonai"). The company every year cooperates with the institutions of higher education and advanced vocational education and training as well as international exchange programs, presents a possibility for students to perform their professional work, gain knowledge and experience or even long-term employment at the company. In 2014 the company aiming at activeness and motivation increase initiated a nominal scholarship for Kaunas technology university students. „ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA" Ltd. cares for pupils education too by implementation and dissemination of knowledge and expertise projects, by presentation of the carrier possibilities in engineering sphere as well as by introducing new generation technological solutions. The company joins other projects (blood donation, gratitude initiative to Iceland for its recognition of Lithuanian independence restoration) to support solidarity and build corporate harmonious society.