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Modems MCL (controllers) are applied in smart metering systems (electricity, gas, water, heat or other utilities) and automated data reading systems. The device has a passive current loop interface (CLin) for a connection of external systems. Modems are applied into data exchange systems where "peer to peer" architecture is used.

  • GSM network CSD/GPRS technology
  • Transparent or TCP/IP protocols
  • 20 mA "Current Loop" or RS485 interfaces are used for data read out
  • RS232 is used for parameterization of the device
  • Modem supports various manufacturer`s meters
  • Modem is mounted under terminal cover of meter ot fixed to 35 mm DIN rail
AC 45...60 Hz power supply range of network voltages, V
Network frequency, Hz
Number of RS485 interfaces 1
Number of RS232 interfaces 1
Open circuit voltage of interface „20 mA current loop", V
Circuit current of interface „20 mA current loop", mA 18...22
PC-controller net baud rate via RS232 interface, 8N1 bytes 4800 baud
Maximum controller`s, connected to a current loop input (passive) interface, current loop`s voltage (must be connected through a surge protection of current loop), V 27
Number of meters, connected to 20 mA current loop interface 1...3
Number of meters connected to RS485 interface
Power consumption, W:
- maximum in transmission mode
- average in duty mode

< 2,5
< 1,2
Operation temperature -30...+50 ºC
Dimensions (without antene), mm 68 x 93 x 37
Relative humidity, % 5...95